Re-Interaction on Online Media in Indonesia

Fitri Yuliantri Permana


The characteristic of online media that gives a big power for the reader must be able to get and present information quickly like what readers want. Using the interactivity aspect that has a possibility for the reader to participate by giving their opinion directly in a comments column and share it on social media. Thus,  by using interactivity aspect,online media has an ability to know about the reader’s respond of a news or issue quickly.  The reader’s respond can produce a news which can represent for the reader and after it, the reader will give their opinion again. The cycle of readers’ respond become a new news that represents to the reader again and then the reader give back the respond of it, is continued quickly until the reader are not interested again. So,they don’t give feedback. This process is called re-interaction or “return–interaction†between media and the reader. This research will analyze about how re-interaction or “return – interaction†on online media in Indonesia. By the structural analysis of the new content, comments column, and social media account, it can be known how the effort of online media to accommodate by the creator of the news can change the society’s  point of view of an issue or an incident.

Keywords: online media, interactivity, re-interaction.

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