The Synthesis of the Previous Research on Peace and Conflict Communication Related to the Southernmost Thailand

Phirakan Kai-nunna


The conflict between the Thai government and armed groups has increased dramatically since 2004. The political conflict to establish Islam Melayu Pattani is a new surge in internal conflict for Thailand. Consequently, there is limitation in the body of knowledge of communication as a tool for conflict reduction in Thailand. Thus, this research aims at the examination of current studies related to this conflict with three major focal points on relevant topics of communication about the conflict in Thailand’s southernmost provinces by scholars and graduate students in Thai universities from 2004-2015, and suggestions  for further areas of study that would support the peace process. The results of the study are as follows. First, there are 48 research papers on relevant topics from 2004 to 2015. Second, the topic mostly studied is the use of mass and personal media.  The majority of mass communication focuses on media and peace building, landscape of media in conflict area, criticism of newsroom culture, and new media in the conflict area. Although, there is slight knowledge on communication of supporting the peace process before the conflict in 2004, the situation has positively affected the body of knowledge on communication in the peace process and conflict resolution to progress rapidly and vividly especially in the last 10 years. Many research findings show that media of Thailand have played an illuminating role lately to nourish the peace process in the southernmost Thailand. Third, the areas of study should cover cross culture communication, leaders’ opinions on peace building, roles of media in peace process, and the criteria and indicators on war and peace journalism in Thai media context.


Keywords: Peace and conflict communication; journalism; Southernmost Thailand; insurgency; body of knowledge

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