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Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Adolescents, Korean Dramas, and Local Wisdom Values Abstract   11.PDF
Ade Muana Husniati, MS Maryam
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Babystagram Phenomenon Among Indonesia Celebrities Instagram Accounts: Semiotic Analysis on Photographs at Babystagram Account Abstract   23.PDF
Lidya Novitasari Saragi, Roro Retno Wulan, Ruth Mei Ulina Malau
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 BPN2TKI Website Utilization in Improving Services and Protections of Indonesian Workers in Asia Pacific Region (Case Study on BP3TKI in West Java) Abstract   15.PDF
Nuryah Asri Sjafiraha, Ika Merdekawati Kusmayadi
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Children of the Pyre: Rajesh S. Jala’s Documenting of India’s Caste System Abstract   22.PDF
Robert Cross
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Civic empowerment movement through new media (Case study of cyber kampong Yogyakarta) Abstract   9.PDF
Wulan Purnama Sari
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Commodification of Religious Tradition (Critical Study on Tourism of Islamic Tradition Haul at Pasar Kliwon, Surakarta) Abstract   6.PDF
Muhammad Ferri Setiawan
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Constructed Virtual Identity of Muslim Women in Social Media Abstract   8.PDF
Dian Syariati
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Convergence of Agenda Setting in Multimedia Era (Case Study on Suara Merdeka Group) Abstract   7.PDF
Sri Syamsiyah LS, Prof Pawito
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Cover CCCMS 2016 Details   PDF
zarkoni mr
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Cultural Pluralism and Ethnic Identity Negotiation India and Betawi in Jakarta (Studies in the Phenomenology of Indian Communities in Sunter, North Jakarta) Abstract   21.PDF
Ramita Hapsari, Widyo Nugroho
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Fashion, Celebrity, and Entertainment: Attention Economy and the Rise of Indonesian Middle-Class Muslims Abstract   4.PDF
Abhirama Perdana
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 From Barren Land into Tourist Destination (Study of Local Community-Based Tourism in Bleberan village, Playen, Gunungkidul) Abstract   2.PDF
Suzy Azeharie
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Globalization and Nationalism: Perceived Self, Identity, and the Search for Ontological Security (An Analysis of the Identity Negotiation Process of Expats in Jakarta) Abstract   14.PDF
Naniek N. Setijadi
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Integrated Marketing Communication of Local Government Sidoarjo in Developing Marine Ecotourism Abstract   5.PDF
Ainur Rochmaniah
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Intimate Communication in the Urban Gay Circle in Indonesia (Phenomenon Study on the Usage of Grindr as the Medium of Communication) Abstract   16.PDF
Rotua Nuraini Tampubolon
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 PREFACE Details   PDF
zarkoni mr
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 PRFM Radio: dynamism in mainstream media and public engagement Abstract   13.PDF
Nunik Maharani Hartoyo, Efi Fadilah, Pandan Yudhapramesti
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Re-Interaction on Online Media in Indonesia Abstract   17.PDF
Fitri Yuliantri Permana
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Social Media: Democracy in the Shadow of Fanaticism Abstract   12.PDF
Sulih Indra Dewi, Akhirul Aminulloh
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 The Communication Pattern of Female Headed Household in the Empowerment Program of Serikat Pekka in Kecamatan Gerung, Kabupaten Lombok Barat, NTB Abstract   19.PDF
MS Chairiawaty, Kiki Zakiah
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 The Religious Pluralism Model of Communication in Interfidei Yogyakarta Abstract   20.PDF
Chatia Hastasari
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 The Synthesis of the Previous Research on Peace and Conflict Communication Related to the Southernmost Thailand Abstract   18.PDF
Phirakan Kai-nunna
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 The Use of Social Media by Bandung City Government in Increasing Public Participation Abstract   10.PDF
Heru Ryanto Budiana, Diah Fatma Sjoraida, Dede Mariana, Centurion Chandratama Priyatna
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Traveling in Communication Perspective Abstract   3.PDF
Sinta Paramita
Proceeding CCCMS 2016 Watching Preman Pensiun: Ethnography Study on Retired Bodyguards as Preman Pensiun Soap Opera Viewer Abstract   1.PDF
Yul Rachmawati
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