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Vol. 1, No. 1, September 2017

Indonesian Journal of Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies (IJIIS) is a new endeavor of the Postgraduate Program of Islamic Law, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Indonesia to provide a platform for intellectual exchange and dissemination of academic work on various aspects of Islam and Muslim societies by scholars and researchers coming from various disciplinary backgrounds. The main vision of the journal is to promote and facilitate the development of interdisciplinary Islamic studies in Indonesia and beyond. 

In this very first edition of IJIIS, we are delighted to have eight thought provoking articles written by authors whose interest and focus revolve around various research areas: Islamic thought, education, sociology, and Islamic law. 

Collectively, these contributions offer fresh perspectives on various issues of Islam and Muslim societies in light of different disciplinary backgrounds. It is hoped that this very first edition of IJIIS will be important contribution to developing better understanding of the complexity and multiplicity of this religion and how it has been interpreted and practiced in different historical and geographical contexts. Finally, as editors, we really hope that our journal will help promote the academic debates and studies on various aspects of Islam and Muslim societies across disciplinary boundaries.

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