An Investigation on The Behavior of Glazing Components Subjected to Full Scale Blast Test

Raymond Lumantarna, Tuan Ngo, Priyan Mendis


In March 2007, full scale blast trials involving a 5000 kg TNT charge were conducted in Woomera, Austra-lia. In the trial, blast resistant glazing unit was tested against the blast load to a satisfactory result. This pa-per presents a description of the trial and the preliminary numerical modeling, which was performed with explicit finite element analysis code such as LS-DYNA. In addition, in-house testing of the monolithic glaz-ing material in a search for the mechanical properties of the glazing element is presented as well. A com-parison of the results from the numerical model and the experiment will confirm the reliability of the blast modeling tools and the available finite element code to model Blast resistant glazing unit.

Keywords: blast resistant, glazing, blast load, numerical modeling, finite element analysis, monolithic

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