Analisis Kecelakaan Kerja Pada Proyek Bangunan Gedung (Analysis of Work Accident on Building Construction Projects)

Deni Ferdiansyah, Setya Winarno, Faisol A M


Work accidents and fatalities often happen in construction industry, thus a study on this matter to promote safety management needs a thorough analysis of their elements. The purpose of this paper is to identify various types of accidents, cost of accident and insurance premium, and also the correlation between the types of accidents and their costs. The data was collected from thirty construction projects around Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta province and surrounding areas. These data included type and cause of accidents, cost of accidents and insurance premium that had been spent, and their budgeted construction cost. Four site managers were interviewed to follow up the data acquired qualitatively. The data were analysed using SPSS software, i.e. correlation analysis and statistic descriptive approach. This study has revealed that five kinds of major construction accidents are ‘being struck/touched’ (50.98 %); ‘being hit by a falling object’ (17.40 %); ‘being sprained’ (14.46 %); ‘falls’ (9.9 %); and ‘being trapped/clamped’ (6.24 %), in which these results are similar with findings of the other past researches. Despite of only 9.9%, the falls accident has contributed the largest part of the accident cost (the correlation value is r2 = 0,747), whereas the others have shown the correlation value less than r2 = 0,275. Therefore, preventive actions due to the falls acci-dents should be carried out intensively. Another result has revealed that the proportion of the accident cost component, such as cost of ‘hospital and doctor’ and ‘remedial actions (treatment) and drugs’ varied among construction types owing to the unique value of each construction project. In addition, the payment of the insurance premium for a construction project whose budgeted cost is below two billion rupiahs is very cost effective because the actual accident cost is higher than that of the insurance premium. This means that the overall accident cost for the construction project with budget under two billion rupiahs will likely be covered by insurance claim. However, construction project with budget more than two billion rupiahs tends to pay insurance premium higher than that of the actual construction accident cost.

Keywords: construction project, work accident, construction budget, cost of accident, insurance premium

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